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April 21, 2005 - 11:19 PM

Hello - I came across this site quite by accident, but I think I was led here. I am an oboist, and also a mother. My first child was born only a few months after your Missy. He died just six weeks after his second birthday. I have always thought of him as a little toddler because that is how old he was, but it took some years before I realized that most of the other little children born that same year were growing up to be adults!
What a wonderful tribute to your daughter this website is. As a parent who has lost a child, I know the unbearable grief you must have felt when you lost her. We can heal, but a part of us is changed forever.
In my life, we moved on, as we had to. Four more children came after Allan died, and each one is a blessing.

My favorite memory of Allan also involves the oboe! I was playing the Mozart Quartet for oboe and strings and insisted that Allan should hear a concert at his early age. We were performing in a Cathedral, and I could see my husband put Allan down in the aisle. He could't walk, even though he was 20 months old, but he could crawl - fast! He managed to get to his Mama and pull himself up on my knee, and he said " Mama, awbo, Mama awbo (oboe)".
I'm sure that you have many years of wonderful memories of your Missy. Thank you for letting me write this.

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