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March 13, 2007 - 05:46 PM
Wanda Belton
from Sunnyvale

Dear Missy,
Even though I am your mother, today was my first time to visit your website. All these years I have wanted to, but was afraid. I was afraid it would be too painful. It is still hard to look at pictures from your past, our family being together- happy and sharing such love. I miss you being a part of our family so much that some days I feel like I can't take it any longer. But, I do. God helps me by comforting my heart some way.

What prompted me to look at your website today was that my friend, Sandy Wulff suggested that it might be something I was ready for. Recently, I was asked if I would give my testimony about losing you to our Peninsula Bible Church Women's Retreat next month. Sandy thought by reading the site I would be inspired as to the direction of my sharing. I have spent several hours now going over the whole thing and even though it was very emotional, I am glad I did. This was truly a gift of your father's love toward you. I remember the hours upon hours that he spent working on it to make it honoring to you and the Lord. It is a gift to our whole family, but not only us, as I read many of the comments from people all over the world who have been affected positively and inspired by hearing about your life. This touches me deeply and makes me even more grateful that God chose me to be your mother! Missy, the Lord has been healing my heart. Yes, there is always an underlining sadness of living life without you, but I am coming to accept it more and trust in God's purpose that His ways are higher than mine. When I get to heaven with you, the Lord will let me understand His reasoning for this and it will all make sense. Until then, Dad, Sarah, Julie and I will trust in the Lord to lead us through this life and what He wants us to do . I pray our lives will bring Him glory.

I will miss you forever in this life, but I know I will see you in heaven when it is my time. I can't wait! I love you dear daughter!

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