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April 10 2000
Julane Grant from Portland, Oregon
Julane Grant's homepage

  Dear Missy, Thoughts of you have floated in and out of my mind today, alternating with sounds of the oboe. I never met you Missy, but I know you so well. I know of the serious girl who laughs so easily. I know of your beauty and hope you are as pretty with your wings. I know you were admired by so many and yet all were equal in your sight. Most of all though, I know how much you are missed by your family. I feel privileged to know you Missy because you are, indeed, very special. I look forward to a hug (I deserve it and you know it). Do I hear an angel laugh? I think so. Love to you Missy from Darren's mom.
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April 10 2000
Lindsay Penrose from Los Altos, CA
Lindsay Penrose's homepage

  Missy- I can't believe you've really been gone for a year now... In some ways it feels like it was just yesterday that I saw you smile- and I can still hear you laugh. But I know that's because you're not really gone from any of our lives--just separated for a little while--and I can't wait until our reunion in God's glory! One of the things that I kept telling myself last year was that even though her life blessed and encouraged so many people that if her death could bring even one soul closer to God that would make it so much easier for those of us left on earth to deal with. It's amazing now to think back on that and realize that- despite the grief- and through all of your faithfulness to God--this website- your talks at King's- your day-to-day reliance on God- everything--so many people really have grown closer to God! Just looking at the guestbook and talking to King's people- it's awesome to see that through all this things really are working together for God's glory--the glory that Missy now knows more than any of us can imagine! I admire and appreciate you guys so much for how you've served God so faithfully through all this pain!
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April 10 2000
Kim, Seungchul from Seoul, Korea
Kim, Seungchul's homepage

  Sending a flower to you, Missy. It's your anniversary today. If you take my flower, please be happy. We, all of us remember you forever.
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April 10 2000
Shana Jacob from Davis, CA
Shana Jacob's homepage

  Dear Missy, I just wanted to tell you how much I love you and your family. I cannot believe that it has been one year since I haven't seen you. I think of you everyday and miss you a lot.
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April 10 2000
Sarah Belton from Santa Barbara
Sarah Belton's homepage

  I am reading this, for the first time, on the 1 year anniversary of Missy's death. Thank you, Dad for making such a beautiful tribute to our Missy. Is it possible to feel this much joy/greif, peace/saddness all at once? It is now April 10th, 2000. One year, an eternity, yesterday...it does not matter how long. The feeling is the same--longing, for the smile, the laugh, the presence. Thank you again for this Dad, may it touch others lives.
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March 24 2000
Chris Bobay from Bloomington, In
Chris Bobay's homepage

  My heart goes out to Missy's family, friends, and loved ones. May her days be brighter in the hands of the Lord.
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March 23 2000
The Ansel Family from San Jose, California
The Ansel Family's homepage

  Dear ones: In this last year our hearts have grieved alongside you as you have had to deal with the unthinkable loss of your precious Missy. We've witnessed your heartache up close and cried out daily to God for His healing balm to sooth your hearts. But we have also witnessed in this past year much bravery as you held your heads up high and went on about your daily lives. And that healing balm is very slowly replenishing your souls through much private pain- the comfort of close friends and family- and the Holy Spirit pouring out of you in beautiful psalms. The first year is the most grueling and we know that with your strong faith in our Heavenly Father you will continue to live your lives- experience joy- and make wonderful memories once again. We hope to share in those days with you dear friends. We know that it has been one year that sweet Missy has been gone from us but let us all hold on to the promise that it is one year closer to rejoicing with her in Paradise.
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March 22 2000
Ryan and Megan Erps from San Jose
Ryan and Megan Erps's homepage

  Missy was and is an example and encouragement to our lives. Her memories will live on in us and sustain us until the day we will join her in God's Heavenly Kingdom. We love you Missy. --<-@ PS: To Steve, Wanda, Sarah, and Julie: We want you to know your Missy will never be forgotten. She and your family are always on our minds. We love you and thank you for all your love, support, and encouragement. God bless you eternally.
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March 21 2000
Vernon S. from Mission Viejo, Ca
Vernon S.'s homepage

  Hello. First and foremost I want to say that my thoughts are with your whole family. The death of your daughter must have been beyond words can describe. It's so sad to have someone so young to die. Please visit my friends Website. They have dedicated it to their 12 year old son, Beau Beasley. He died December 24, 1998 from suicide. All of his friends and family miss him SO much. Please visit his Webiste. Many of his friends, in cooperation with his parents have worked so hard in making his Site. Please also sign his Guestbook. THank you so much. Vernon
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March 20 2000
Kim, Seungchul from Seoul, Korea
Kim, Seungchul's homepage

  Oh, our daughter, M-i-s-s-y ! Be happy in your own heaven. You are still alive in all of our living.
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