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December 07, 2005 - 04:56 AM
camilla from

  hallo im a danish woman ind i would like to say that im sorry for your lost.. she looks so pretty
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December 01, 2005 - 06:31 PM
Cathy Jones from

  My son died at the age of 21 in a car accident. The two year anniversary of his death will be Dec. 13th. I have sat here and read about your beautiful daughter and I felt like I was reading about my son. He was so loved and had so many wonderful friends and was such a good friend, son and brother. His last words to me was "I love you Mom". Who would have thought a few hours later, he would be gone. I just wanted to let you know, that I do understand your pain and the hurt that we parents feel that have lost a child. Some days the pain is unbearable and I just want to hold him and hear his wonderful laugh. May God bless you and your family and we both were so fortunate to have our children for the short time that we did. Sincerely, Cathy Jones
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November 12, 2005 - 04:33 PM
Joyce Damozonio from San Jose

  Dear Steve and Wanda,
I was thinking about you and found myself searching Missy’s website. I was so comforted by this very quiet and intimate place. I thank you for inviting me to share in your sorrow over Missy’s life while letting me know who she was and celebrating her life. I am missing my Mia and I am grieving at, once again, a very unpredictable time. Thank you for being a positive example of how to show your humanness in loss of Missy while pressing DEEP into the love of the Lord for comfort. I love you two so much. God be with you. Love Joyce
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October 04, 2005 - 06:46 PM
Tim from

  What a blessing your daughter was to your family and her friends. You can feel the love. Love overcomes death. We take love with us no matter where we are, here on earth or in eternity. It is an undying bond and connection we share and will always have. I know how your family feels; I lost my only daughter on May 30th, 2005. You can view her web site at http://jenae.gallegos.home.att.net. Sometimes it is hard for me to believe she is not here. It will be a very difficult Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. Please keep my family in your prayers as I will yours.
God Bless You.
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September 27, 2005 - 09:49 AM
Melissa Harlacher from

  I guess I forgot to add that Harlacher is my married name. My maiden name is Melissa Haynes.
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September 27, 2005 - 09:45 AM
Melissa Harlacher from

  I came upon your website by google.com. I was running a search on my name as a friend of mine told me he had won airline tickets and not realized it until doing this same search. I am truely sorry about the loss of your beautiful daughter. What a breath-taking tribute you've created for her though. I too, have a strong faith in God and will pray for you and your family. God Bless!
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September 14, 2005 - 04:00 PM
Shana from San Jose

  Hi Missy,
I miss you so much! Things are pretty crazy down here - wish you were around so that we could chat and you could make me laugh. I was out with a coworker for lunch and we had eclairs, and I could only think of you and how we used to split one anytime we saw a bakery (we probably could have finished a whole one each!). I remember giving them to you after one of your oboe recitals and you said they were much better than flowers and cards. I still agree! Can't wait to see you.
Love, Shana
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August 31, 2005 - 12:57 PM
Megan Erps from San Jose

  Dear Missy,
I went to King's yesterday because I am going to start substituting there, and as I was walking around the campus to see all of the changes, I walked by our old lockers, and so many memories of having my locker above yours came to me-especially all of the days we both came to school with almost the exact same outfit on-without ever even planning it. I just wanted to let you know that I miss you and I thank you for all of the sweet memories you gave to me throughout highschool. You are one of the most special people I have ever met! I love you and will always look forward to seeing you again.
Love, Megan
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August 25, 2005 - 12:58 AM
Marcie Ansel from San Jose

  Dear Missy,

I've been thinking about you quite a bit lately, especially with all that your dear friend, Lecia, is now facing in her battle with cancer. I have such vivid memories of the two of you together and wish you were here now to help see her through her journey. But instead you are watching from heaven and, I know, sending her your special spirit-scent messages of love. Your mom, dad, and sisters are so precious, and their caring for Lecia at this time is such a beautiful reflection of their love for you and their strength and faith in Jesus Christ. Thank you for drawing near to us all right now, Missy - we can feel your sweet presence.
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August 09, 2005 - 07:09 PM
Missy Goodrich from

  I think your website is just beautiful. I am 16yrs old and just resently lost my grandfather. I know its not the same, but I loved him very much and I, even though I have never met any of you, I feel your pain. Losing someone is always hard. My grandfather, Norman, was 60 when he was diagnosed with cancer in the brain. 12 cancerous tumors, all too big to remove. I was there when he passed. Not in the room, but in the house. He passed in his bed with his wife holding his hand. I will always miss him and I have to cry when I think he will never see my prom pictures or my wedding or kids.... But I know he is watching me from above and he is as proud of me as ever. And your Missy is watching you too. She will always be there. and when you pass, she will be there with open arms. God Bless You All!
-Missy Goodrich-
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