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June 9 2000
MelissaMarieHemingway from KodiaAlaska
MelissaMarieHemingway's homepage

  Thank you for making a home page for your daughter. I am very sorry for what happened. My pain goes out to you. I know what you are going through. I have had to go through two deaths in one year: The death of my best friend and the death of my father. My best friend died from falling off a cliff. My dad died of AIDS. Love always, Melissa or Missy PS: I used to be really bad doing drugs and drinking. My uncle is a cristian and he told me that GOD needs to save me. I had no idea what he was talking about so i went to church for the first time in my life. I really liked it. I went home felling really different. From then on i found the love in GOD and i am no longer like i used to be. GOD really did save my life.Take care and god bless. You can email if you want to know more about me.
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June 8 2000
Linda from Campbell
Linda's homepage

  I have read your touching poems and decided to share them with my daughters. Your poems are truly a wonderful tribute to the memory of your beautiful Missy.
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June 7 2000
Erica from Marco Island
Erica's homepage

  I am sorry to see such a young and pretty girl be taken from you so soon. I am young myself and I hope that others care about me as much as you cared for your Missy.
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June 6 2000
Sky from Avilla
Sky's homepage

  Hi, I just happened to pop into this site...Really don't know how I got here but It's such a wonderful site and I'm sorry that Missy died...I do not know her or you but I don't know how she died I didn't go through the whole site but I'd say it's awfully nice of you to make a memorial for her online It really touched me and may god be w/ you and her God bless Take care Sincerely, Sky
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June 5 2000
naren from calgary, canada
naren's homepage

  Hello i came across this site when i was looking at 1980's english songs. I was pretty sad when I saw this site even though I do not have any idea who is Missy. Was she famous in the year 1980's, that's what I am just wondering? But since I have a sister who is 18 years old I feel sad for Missy as she is also like my sister to me. So once again sorry and I express my deep grief and deep sadness to Missy's family. thanks and bye for now yours naren.
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June 4 2000
Shelly from St.Louis, Missouri
Shelly's homepage

  I came across this page while searching for links on the oboe. I have never experienced the loss and pain of a loved one, but my heart goes out to Missy and her family. As I write this message with tears streaming down my face...just remember...faith, hope, and love...conquers all. Thank you
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June 3 2000
Lisa Loder from San Jose, Ca
Lisa Loder's homepage

  Dear Dr. Belton- I saw the CD in your office when we came for our appointment this week. I went to Missy's website and was touched by the beautiful pictures and the beautiful words. It means so much to us to have such a caring doctor and to know that our Christian values are shared with the man who will care for my health. As the date draws near for us to finally have our first child the love that you showed for Missy touches me and makes me so thankful to God for giving us this wonderful blessing. When we lost our unborn child last December 99 your compassion for how I was feeling was awesome. I know that my child will be watched by Missy and they will both watch over this child that I am carrying. Thank you for your kindness and your website. Even though I am over most of the pain of my loss last year there are times when I do miss my first child and it does make my heart ache but seeing your website gives me the inspiration and the faith to look forward to the future.
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June 2 2000
Kimberly from Lakewood, Wa
Kimberly's homepage

  I found this by accident, just like many others. There is no love like the love for your child. I have a beautiful 8 1/2 month old daughter that is my heart, soul and every breath. The loss of a child would be unbearable. I am sorry for the loss of Missy. My heart and prayers are with you. God be with you as each day passes. Always~ Kimberly
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June 1 2000
Kristin from Moore, Oklahoma
Kristin's homepage

  "My prayers are with you and your family. I happened to come across this page while searching for something for a class project. This page touched my heart. I never knew Missy, and do not know the pain of your loss. I do know that she is with the Lord now and in good hands. I was born just 3 months before Missy and seeing this site has given me a new perspective of how important my life is. Not just to me, but to my family and friends as well. Again, my prayers are with you. Turn to the Lord and He will take care of your precious daughter."
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May 31 2000
edwin from chan, singapore
edwin's homepage

  i wish the best to your family. It make me realize how life is so precious.
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