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January 18 2000
Tom & Deb from Los Gatos
Tom & Deb's homepage

  Our prayers and thoughts remain with Missy and the rest of the family (all God's Children). We love you all!
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January 17 2000
Gene Kwon from Danville CA
Gene Kwon's homepage

  It's said that to remember a face, you have to place it in the context of a memory. As a member of CYS, I knew Missy, which is to say that I knew her as our English horn player. And so my personal context will always be the only view I remember her in- from my seat as a trombonist, glancing in her direction upon hearing her instrument, below me to my left : a view of her right profile, lips pursed over her reed, her cheeks rosy as she coaxed out music. I know the quick grin, my slight nod of brief admiration in that moment, was a response to that beauty mentioned of her honest, earnest expression in her sweet solitary instrument.
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January 16 2000
Lila Salem from West Boylston
Lila Salem's homepage

  "Hello all: I knew Missy when I was 5 years old. I still have one memory of her popping out of a corner to scare me. She was wearing a bumble bee striped t shirt that day. I knew she was just playing with me but I still liked to pretend I was scared so she could smile. Though I have only few and vauge memories of her there is a place in my heart that misses her alot. I never knew the side of her that wanted to talk on the phone all day or go out all day and have fun w/friends- like normal teens- but I know if she and I stuck around each other she would have let me in on things like that. Only because she was such a nice person. It may be so that she may not be with us today but she'll live in our hearts...bye Missy...we love you- Lula Dear auntie Wanda and Uncle Stephen: Remeber me? The crazy little kid of Nadia's? Yeah- its me. I can't tell you how much I feel your sorrow and I can never express how much pain I've felt from each day that's gone by since i heard the awful news. I just want you guys to know that I'll always think of you first when I think of strong and good people. Lots of Love-- Lila (Lula)"
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January 15 2000
Katie Buckley from Pleasanton
Katie Buckley's homepage

  Missy was a wonderful girl. I think of her every day. She touched many lives and I miss her dearly.
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January 14 2000
Gordon & Marilyn Wilson from Turlock Ca
Gordon & Marilyn Wilson's homepage

  What a wonderful daughter she must have been. Truly a beautiful personality and a beauty physically. With a personality like she had her physical beauty came automatically.
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January 13 2000
Aaron Westerfield from Fairfield
Aaron Westerfield's homepage

  Very good site. very touching!!!!
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January 12 2000
Bob and Michele Mitchell from Bozeman, Montana
Bob and Michele Mitchell's homepage

  Our heartfelt prayers over your great loss.
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January 11 2000
Sharon Westerfield from Rochester MI
Sharon Westerfield's homepage

  "Missy, I will always treasure my last memory of you and me together. You teaching me to make the little beaded daisy braclets and rings. I used to make them when I was in high school and it was a real joy for me to do it again with you after all those years. I had such fun that morning being with you. I am so glad I have a picture of you and me working on them. We are sitting in the kitchen at the big table. The sun is shining in through the windows and we both have big happy smiles on our faces. Thank you, my precious sweet niece for that last loving memory of you and me together. I love you Missy! Auntie Sharon 12-26-99"
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January 10 2000
Paige Burnett from Sunnyvale
Paige Burnett's homepage

  This is a beautiful remembrance of Missy. I will visit it often. I love you guys.
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