Beautiful as the Moon

by Steve Belton

Alta Mesa
Crimson Sky
His Heaven's Grace
Love Bonded
Love is Gone
Love Thoughts
Love Waits Still
My Cry
Night Thoughts
Sadness in the Air'
She and Thee
Silent Tears
Speak for Me
The Valley

by Brian Morgan

My Eyes ... My Eyes
O Missy

by Hobie Davis

Quiet Girl

by Gabi Banks

Look What Love Has Done

by Mickey Penrose

No Words

by Jehaan Mathew

I'd Give Anything

by Anna Burnett

Can It Have Been A Year?
Five Years
Ten Years

by Lori Hay

Missy at the pool

G clef

~ Our Missy ~

In Poetry

"Let these memories mingle with the stories friends tell,
of a character deep, deep as the still dark waters..."

For many, the expression of emotion in poetic form reaches a place within the soul that cannot be touched with other forms.

A death such as Missy's is soul-shaking in magnitude and, for some, poetry has been an important vehicle for giving voice to deep heartfelt emotions and feelings.

Missy's dad, Steve, has found this to be a very important avenue for communicating deep feelings to himself and to God.

G clef

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